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Top 5 Bugcrowd Platform Features for Hackers
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The Business Value of Bugcrowd Security Solutions

Unlock more value with your security budget and get higher quality outcomes with Bugcrowd’s solutions

Security testing programs, like penetration testing and bug bounty programs are invaluable to organizations regardless of size and maturity of their cybersecurity capabilities. However, many organizations don’t offer bug bounties due to a lack of internal resources and expertise, and infrequently take advantage of penetration testing due to a lack of perceived value and previously bad experiences. This is a missed opportunity to reduce their attack surface and reduce the chances of being breached.

In a recent IDC Business Value Paper, sponsored by Bugcrowd, the value and ROI of our penetration testing and managed bug bounty offerings was evaluated based on feedback from customers. IDC calculated that these customers achieved almost 500% ROI over three years, had a quick payback of 3 months, and saved significant time and money while improving their identification of threats and vulnerabilities.

Download The Business Value of Bugcrowd Security Solutions to learn how Bugcrowd customers benefit from the power of the Bugcrowd Platform and crowdsourced security to:

  • Find more vulnerabilities, helping them fix faster and reduce their attack surface
  • Reduce the costs related to security events
  • Improve the efficiency of their penetration testing capabilities

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